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Chef/Proprietor of @_tfl_ @perseny @surfclubrest @bouchon_bistro @bouchon_bakery @adhoc_addendum, Finesse, The Store, Finesse Magazine, co-founder @cupforcup


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Melissa Caputo, sous chef @perseny recently returned from a scholarship stagier at Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain. She reflects on her trip and on what it means to be a member of the Per Se team. I remember starting to see her name on service notes and how proud I was to see her commitment. . “I chose Arzak because the restaurant, like the Basque region, has a strong matriarchal influence. Being around so many women chefs was very inspiring to me. At Per Se, we have more female chefs now than ever before, and I think the change in atmosphere and the dynamic of the restaurant has really benefitted from this shift. . This year has been really exciting. Not only am I expediting service, but, on a more personal level, I am expecting my first child. Four years ago, I never expected to rise this far in the kitchen. Initially, adjusting to such a rigorous and demanding kitchen was very difficult. The learning curve at Per Se is steep, but I continue to learn and grow as I help to supervise and manage all aspects of the kitchen. Per Se is a special environment where you can absorb and take so much from it, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort. . I feel that my Per Se colleagues are my extended family, and I always try to treat them as such. I remember being mildly terrified when I started because of the sheer level of talent, so I am mindful of that adjustment period and reach out to the newer employees as a friendly face, someone they can feel comfortable asking any questions of or advice from. I want more co-workers to feel as comfortable and happy here as I do, so I try to make it feel as “home-y” as a three Michelin starred restaurant can. . My hopes and dreams for my daughter are that I can support her in whatever she wants to do. It was hard for my friends and family to understand why I wanted to become a chef. I graduated from NYU and originally wanted to be a fashion journalist, so to transition to the culinary world was a big jump for them. But those doubts just fueled me more, and I always try to surpass people’s expectations of me.”
18,524 | August 24, 2018
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